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Q: What is AGGN ?
   >>>>> AGGN stands for Aichi Goodwill Guides Network. ?

 Q: What does AGGN do ?
     >>>>> AGGN is a foreign language volunteer organization which introduces
         foreigners coming to Aichi prefecture to good spots of this area.

Q: Who are members making up the organization ?
    >>>>> AGGN consists of about 170 of regular members and several network organizations.
        Everyone who intends to do a volunteer activity by utilizing his/her foreign language
        can join AGGN.
        The network organization means a volunteer one which has done international exchange
       in each district within Aichi prefecture.

       Both the organizations are networked and exchange information

Q: What activity does AGGN do for instance ?
      >>>>> AGGN has mainly done two activities since it was set up in April 1999.
          One is the activity of improving competence of our regular members, such as a lecture
          by a native English speaker, a study training about Japanese culture and hospitality,
          a language training and a site training in the spot.
          The other is the activity of actual guiding to sightseeing spots.
          The AGGN office coordinates the volunteer interpreter-guide activity done by our regular members
           and eachmember has guided a lot of guests to main sightseeing spots of this area, such as Nagoya Castle,
          Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology, Atsuta Shinto Shrine, Osu, and Arimatsu
          in English, Chinese and Spanish.
          In addition, we issue the newsletter once three months and distribute it among the regular
          to tell the state of the activities.

Q: What is required to join AGGN ?
    >>>>> AGGN accepts new members in April every year.
         First of all, a person who wants to join AGGN makes inquiries at the following AGGN office.
        When becoming a new member, please pay 2,000yen as an entrance fee.
        At the same time please pay an annual membership fee which is 4,000yen of a regular member
         and 3,000 yen of student member that includes an insurance fee
to indemnity for damages accompanying
         volunteer activities.

   La Asociación de guías voluntarios de Aichi
Correo electrónico guide-desk@aggn.jp
Fax +81-561-75-6977
Teléfono +81-561-75-6977
Código postal 470-0122
Oficina c/o Nigiwai-Kouryuukan, 277-1, Nakajima, Kanikou-cho,Nisshin, Aichi, Japón
Representativo Kumi Sato
Secretaria Reiko Matsukawa