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  A. Regular Tours (No reservations required)
Nagoya Castle guide tour by Aichi Goodwill Guide Association is temporary suspended to Coronavirus pandemic. We are sorry for the in convenience.
Nagoya Castle is, no doubt, one of the most popular touristic spot in Nagoya.
The castle had been originally built between 1610 and 12 but unfortunately destroyed during the last world war. The main Castle tower was reconstructed in 1959, and the Palace, the very beauty of the castle also lost by the war, was identically restored in 2018 after 10 years-long work. This palace is an masterpiece of traditional Japanese construction so called "Shoin". Mimics of the authentic paintings and the decorations will breath-takingly attract you.
The castle is surrounded by seasonal flowers such as Sakura that can attract you througtout a year. We will be at your disposal wherever / whenever needed you taking pictures.

  B. Recommended Private Tours (Reservations required)
The AGGN office coordinates the volunteer interpreter-guide activities by our regular members. Each member has been guiding a lot of guests to main sightseeing spots in this area, such as Nagoya Castle, Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology, Atsuta Shinto Shrine, Osu, and Arimatsu.

AGGN is a foreign language volunteer organization which introduces foreign tourist in Aichi prefecture to good spots in this area >>>>Tours information Tours

Please feel free to ask any questions about AGGN or our volunteer work.

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