Do you need volunteer guides for your sightseeing?

Aichi Goodwill Guides Network (AGGN) has approxi- mately 170 volunteers who can serve as sightseeing guides of this area or as interpreters in various meet- ings.

1) When you need guides or interpreters, contact us by E-mail or fax, at least two weeks before your scheduled date.  Please note that our staffs can answer the telephone only in afternoons of Tuesday and Friday.

2) Although no guide fee is charged, all entrance fees, transportation, food and drink costs for the guide(s) during the tour will be paid by the person(s) request- ing guide service.

3) We also have a program "Explore Nagoya Tours" of the following famous sightseeing attractions in this area.  For more details, click here

  A. Regular Tours (No reservations necessary)
  Nagoya Castle Regular Tour is suspended from August 1st to 18th..
  A-1 Nagoya Castle, the symbol of the city
Today, Nagoya castle is a very popular tourist spot in Nagoya. In the Edo period, it was a beautiful but strong fortress. The castle tower was rebuilt in 1959, but there are still a lot of devices to protect it against enemies. Please find them along with our guides. Fish-shaped gold ornaments are shining on top of the roof. You might be able to ride on one and have your photos taken. From season to season, you will also enjoy various flowers and trees. The founder of the castle, the Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu, and his Samurai warriors are waiting for you!
The tour is available on every day of a week, 1:00−3:00 p.m., unless otherwise noted.
Nagoya Castle Regular Tour is suspended from August 1st to 18th, 2019.
The tours on July 20th to 31st and  August 19th to 31st may be cancelled in case of the extream heat.
It is noticed on the AGGN website the day before.
The cancellation will be also posted at Main and East Gate of Nagoya Castle on the day.
Apologies for the inconvenience.
  B. Recommended Private Tours (Reservation required)
Toyota is a world famous motor company now, but its history started here in 1911 as a textile factory. This museum was opened in 1994 preserving some part of original redbrick buildings of the factory. AGGN guides will show you highlights of the museum and help you understand the development of the textile and automobile industry. Both children and adults can enjoy and learn here through the exhibition of actual machines and demonstrations by operators.
  B-2 Atsuta Jingu Shrine, a place full of mythology
Atsuta Jingu Shrine has been one of the greatest sites of worship in Japan from ancient times. The sacred sword, one of the three Imperial treasures, is enshrined here. Do you believe that the sword came out from a huge serpent’s tail? Please enjoy relaxing and strolling in the approxi- mately 2 million square meters shrine grounds, surrounded with old trees. AGGN guides will tell you interesting mythology and introduce traditional events held at the shrines.
   B-3 Osu Shopping Arcade, the most exciting spot in
Are you looking for souvenirs for your family or friends? Then, Osu Shopping Arcade is the place you should visit. There are many stores and discount shops, and they sell almost everything, such as old kimonos, dolls, ceramics, anime goods, the newest electronics, and so forth. AGGN guides with full knowledge of Osu will take you to the places you want. The tour starts from the west gate of the red-colored Osu Kannon Temple. You can also enjoy a short performance of mechanical puppets.
  B-4 Arimatsu, hometown of tie-dyeing
Arimatsu town is located in southern Nagoya, about 40 minutes from Nagoya Station by the Meitetsu train. The town is known for traditional Arimatsu Shibori (tie-dyed fabric), and old merchant houses with white walls and black-tiled roofs. The Arimatsu Shibori has a long history of 400 years and various Shibori motifs have been used for Japanese kimonos. AGGN guides will meet you at the exit of Meitetsu Arimatsu Station and take you to local museums of Shibori and festival floats.
  B-5 Shirotori Garden
  B-6 Cultural Path, Nagoya’s historical area
  B-7 Tokugawa Art Museum & Tokugawaen

4) Please feel free to ask any questions about AGGN or our volunteer work.

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Aichi Goodwill Guides Network (AGGN) is a non-profit organization, established in April 1999, to provide volunteer guide services for sightseeing tours in Aichi Prefecture to guests from overseas. We hope to promote friendship and understanding of Japan by offering our services as volunteer guides.

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