Aichi Goodwill Guides Network (AGGN) has approxi- mately 170 volunteers who can serve as sightseeing guides of this area or as interpreters in various meet- ings.

1) When you need guides or interpreters, contact us by E-mail or fax, at least two weeks before your scheduled date.  Please note that our staffs can answer the telephone only in afternoons of Tuesday and Friday.

2) Although no guide fee is charged, all entrance fees, transportation, food and drink costs for the guide(s) during the tour will be paid by the person(s) request- ing guide service.

3) We also have a program "Explore Nagoya Tours" of the following famous sightseeing attractions in this area.  For more details, click here

4)Please feel free to ask any questions about AGGN or our volunteer work.

 E-mail Address    guide-desk@aggn.jp  
 Fax  +81-561-75-6977
 Telephone  +81-561-75-6977